Yoga is a self inquiry system that initiated in the ancient Indian traditions. Today, what is called as “Ashtanga vinyasa yoga¨ is the result of these practices. These ancient methods have an unbelievable value and inner transformative power. Yoga is a tool to transform the personality and works with the intrinsic human mental weaknesses and processes (issues).  One of the most important benefits of yoga, but not the ultimate one, is physical health.  The ultimate meaning is larger than what a simple explanation can encompass.
The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, one of the most important classical scriptures of yoga, states that hatha yoga is the science of  the subtle body. It is the means by which the body´s two main energy channels of positive and negative currents can be controlled.
‘Ha’ represents prana, the vital force and ‘tha’ represents mind, the mental energy.
Hatha Yoga means the union of the pranic and mental forces.  When we talk about yoga we talk about this union.


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