The Ashtanga Yoga practice

The practice is done daily as we learn it traditionally at the Sri. K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (KPJAYI). This path includes personal and social ethical observances, meditation, self-study and philosophy, 6 days of asana practice and one resting day. Beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners, we all practice together seeking to create harmony and a welcoming environment.
The practice is divided in sequences and is taught in a very specific manner to let the body and nervous system adapt gradually.  This is according to the traditional method. The teacher helps and guides the student according to his or her level and experience.

The led class and the Mysore class are not different methods they are just part of the same system the details will be learn during the practice.

Led Class
The student follows the Led vinyasas expressed in a traditional sanskrit style by the teacher. Here, the students learn to pace their practice to follow the correct vinyasa count. The led class comes after a basic understanding of the practice during the Mysore classes so the way to start is at the mysore style.

Mysore style practice
The student learns one on one from the teacher the vinyasas and appropriate alignment for their condition as well as basic care details. The process of learning and it’s benefits is gradual and always with care following the subtle capacities of the body. Consistent practice with a qualified teacher is how the knowledge of this traditional practice is best transmitted and experienced.

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