About me

hathayHatha yoga is the greatest secret of the yogis who wish to attain perfection (siddhi). Indeed, to be fruitful, it must be kept secret; revealed it becomes powerless.

(Hatha Yoga Pradipica verse 11 chapter 1)

That the light of discernment guide us…

ashtanga-yoga-mauricio-victoricaI was born in México, D.F. 1972. 

I started studying yoga philosophy and meditation in 1997.Practicing with Sharat Since 2005 I travel each Year to Mysore India to continue my studies at  KPJAYI.org (K. Pattabhi Jois ashtanga yoga Institute) Mauricio Victorica

Since 2007 I have been traveling doing Mysore programs in different countries as Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, México, Costa Rica, Chile, Perú and Philipines. 

For more detailed info about me you can contact me please.


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